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 My name is Shun. I am from Fukuoka city in Japan. I`m not only a Japanese physiotherapist but also a professional boxer.

I have many hobbies like playing sports, working out, travelling, drinking alcohol and watching movies.

I was in Vancouver in 2014 to 2016 to practice boxing and learn English. I was able to have memorable experience there. When I first got to Vancouver, my English was not good enough to communicate with people there. I could only talk Japanese.

I faced lots of difficulties such as communication barriers, culture difference and so on. I felt so depressed at the time but I kept trying to overcome those difficulties. I made tons of friends from different countries and learned many things from them. I still appreciate that.

I would like to return the favor. It`s time to help you who would like to acquire Japanese communication skills. I can teach you how to learn Japanese based on my experience. I have Japanese lessons here.

Let`s learn it together in a fun way!!

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