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Published 4 Aug, 2016 | View: 321
If you're looking for solid nutrition advice as well as workout advice, along with meal plans, and ...

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Vaughn Moriniere Tutor Profile

Hello, my name is Vaughn Moriniere,
I am easy-going, and fun to talk to so i'd love to have you on my team, whether that be to help you with your English, or teach you all you need to know about losing weight, and improving your overall health with a clean diet.
My knowledge about Health, Fitness, and Diet is EXTREMLY strong so definitely ask me anything you want, with your specific goals and i'll do my best to get you there!

I have successfully trained over 100 people while in the military to help them achieve their weight-loss goals, as well as improved their overall physical fitness.

With English I plan to help improve conversational skills that can be used right away!, i have small experience in teaching English but this experience is getting better everyday!

I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals because i know what it is like to try and do things on your own with no help and it is not much fun.
So feel free to request some time with me! You will be glad you did.

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Diet & Nutrition
  • English Conversation/ Practical lessons

    To begin, I am very easy to talk to, so feel free to join! Here, we will mostly chat with each other, like you would with a normal Native English speaker, but with added lessons created by me. YOU will do most of the talking if you'd like, and i will hel
    English   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    30min   1,200P
  • Exercise & Workout Guidance

    If you are looking to transform your current body, to the body you've always wanted, then this is where you need to be. Lets make a plan for you.
    Workout   Skype Lesson   Original Material
    30min   1,300P
  • Diet and Nutrition Consultation

    You're going to learn a lot about Diet and Nutrition here, so bring a notepad and be ready to make some changes that you'll enjoy for the rest of your life. And yes, that is me in the picture. Results speak louder than words.
    Diet & Nutrition   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,300P

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