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フランス語で「まだ○○していない」といいたいとき、日本語から考えると「まだしていないのだから、現在形で表すはず」という結論になり、「まだ明日働くか決めていない」という文章を Je ne ...
Savoir 能力として「できる」 例)Je sais parler anglais. (英語が話せます) ⇒ 能力として英語を話すことができる Pouvoir 条件が整っている...
「○○はxxだと思う」といいたい場合、通常"Penser que"を使う。 例)Je pense que Tom aime le foot. (トムはサッカーが好きだと思う) しかしながら、Pe...
中性代名詞Enには2つの用法がある。 1、不定冠詞名詞か部分冠詞名詞を受ける 例)Tu as des frères?- Oui, j'en ai deux. (兄弟いる?...

Valon Tutor Profile

Hello I am Valon and 26 years old :)

Many foreign people say "Japanese language is very hard"
But No!!!! It's not difficult. Japanese is very interesting and beautiful language ;)

If you learn Japanese, you could visit Japan, you could read manga in Japanese, you could watch anime in Japanese etc

If you learn Japanese, you could open door for new world!!

Let's study Japanese together!!!

★My carrer★
I graduated from my university on March 2016.
My major was French and international politics.

I studied abroad in France for 1 year.
Now I live in Hungary and work at IT company!!

★5 things about Me★
1, I love reading books :)

I spend my free time with many books.
I love reading political books, history books, novel etc
I also love writing novels!!!

2, I am big fun of Manchester United!!!

I love watching and playing football. I am big fun of Manchester United and my favorite player is David De gea. He is very great goal keeper!!!

3, My cooking skill is amazing!!

I love cooking. I can cook Japanese, Italian and Hungarian dishes. My friends say that dishes are better than restauran's dishes :p

4, I visited many European countries :)

I visited France, UK, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czeck and Belgium.
These countries are awsome!! Next time I would like to visit south America!!!

5, I love Japan!!

Japan is the best country! There are many great places and Japanese foods are really good. Japanese people are very kind and Japanese culture is interesting.
Thus I would like to share Japan to YOU :)

★About my lesson★
My lesson is flexible. If students would like to do something in the lesson, I would accept it and do together :)
I will teach in Japanese, because I would like you to get used to Japanese language. But if you prefer foreign language, I could teach in English or French!!   


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