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Christy Tutor Profile

Hi, I'm Christy!

I live in Denver, Colorado and am originally from Illinois. I love to travel, meet new people, read, play sports, and I LOVE animals. 

Prior to Colorado I lived in New Orleans for ten years. And prior to that I lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for a year and a half. I enjoy connecting with new people and learning about their experiences. I taught conversational english while I was in Japan and also in Greece during a summer english camp for kids. I work in higher education full time where I have taught first-year college students for over ten years. 

In my free time, you will find me hiking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors, playing with my dogs, or spending time with friends and family. 

This is me in December 2017 at my doctoral graduation in New Orleans. 

This is me with friends during my last trip to Japan in 2014.

Hiking with my parents in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Colorado Rockies game while my friend was visiting from Tokyo.

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