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Tatjana Mandic Tutor Profile

Hi all,
my name is Tatjana from Serbia,Europe.

I am not English nor American nor Australian native speaker but I learned english language so so hard and become very good in it.

So I know what are the problems when you learn foreign language and how to win all of them.

I also learned and still learn french, Albanian, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Hebrew languages.

The most of them I studied at Faculty of Philology in Belgrade,Serbia. I have big experience in teaching others.

My dream is to become polyglot.
I adore movement! I am a traveler,a sportswoman,a dancer,..
I visited Japan, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Vatican, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, United Arab Emirates,Poland.

Adore literature. In last period I read a lot of Japanese and Arabic writers.
Rafik Shami, Gamal Gitane, Yukio Mishima, Haruki Murakami,...

I train volleyball,swimming and several others.
I adore music.
Play flute.
I dance oriental dance (belly dance), salsa, bachata, kizomba, traditional dances...

Like to meet other people and their civilisation.
In short,that's me!!!

* * *
I prefere conversation!!! In my opinion that's the key of learning and progress in any language!

I will learn you English language and how to be funny,relaxed and interesting to your friends through the conversation!

French language is so romantic! For example, Arabs in Tunisia mix native Arabic with French and it sounds so lovely!

I will learn you Arabic,how to write and read beautiful Arabic letters,their interesting grammar apsolutely different than Japanese grammar!
Japanese language,why not! Hiragana,Katakana,Kanji,how to write and read and to understand Japanese also interesting grammar!

Albanian language is unique. Just itself in big language family. There is no simular language with Gjuha Shqipe!

And of course Serbian! I know and met a lot of Japanese people visited and live in my country Serbia. And some of them learn and know perfect my native language! My country is beautiful and maybe one day you will visite Serbia and can make our classes very useful!

So,what are we waiting for!!? Let's talk and learn foreign languages! And good luck to all students!!!
  1. Tiranë, Shqipëri
  2. Sahara, Tunisia
  3. Kamakura, Japan
  4. Venice, Italy

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