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Andrew Cropper Tutor Profile

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Hi Students...

About Me - 

I'm a CELTA qualified teacher of English and have been teaching for just over four years. I was previously based in Singapore, working for a Japanese language school, but have now relocated to New York, USA where I work for an international language school teaching young adults English as a second lesson. The students are of varied age and my classes are usually upper intermediate or advanced level. 

Having now been based in New York for just over two years, I am much more aware of the differences between British and American Englishes and can aim my lessons at either language form, dependent upon the needs of the student.

Teaching History - 

Before moving to Singapore, I worked in London in a blue chip food retail organisation and gained much valuable commercial experience, which has assisted my teaching of Business English meaning that I am fully able to assist all business English needs, at any channel or profession. My main teaching comes from the teaching of Everyday English, at intermediate through to advanced levels.

Teaching Style - 

I am a very encouraging teacher and like to identify the successes, as well as the improvement areas. You will find me to be a good listener and someone who is quickly able to identify problems and tailor a lesson plan, at a very individual level.

I'm very much interested in language and culture and how these important aspects of life are distinctly entwined. I really enjoy learning new things and hear new information. Oh, and I'm a huge music fan - many types, but indie and electronic, in particular. 

So, why me as your teacher? Well, I'm very focussed upon the student and understand that your investment of time and payment is vitally important to you. I can quickly identify specific needs and deliver suitable plans to solve problems, at all levels speaking, listening, writing and reading. 

I look forward to meeting you!


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Lessons by this tutor

  • Focus upon /l/ and /r/ pronunciation - accurately!

    The consonant sounds of /l/ and /r/ can be especially difficult for some to produce accurately. This lesson will help you to identify the issues and how to address them.
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    60min   2,000P
    Has Trial 15min   0P
  • Learn how to use articles, accurately.

    A, an and the are very small words but they are also very important components of English grammar and aiding a more natural, native-like sound.
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    60min   2,000P
    Has Trial 15min   0P
  • Present Perfect Tense

    Learn how to use the present perfect tense and identify the differences with the simple past tense, which is often used inaccurately, in place of the present perfect tense.
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   1,500P
    Has Trial 15min   0P
  • Common Mistakes!

    Let's be honest, we make mistakes that we sometimes don't know about when learning English. Let's have some free-talk with a view to highlighting these errors and then do something to correct them!
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   1,500P
    Has Trial 15min   0P
  • English Language - Let's Identify Your Exact Learning Needs!

    Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that you would like to improve upon, but are not exactly sure? Grammar, vocab, speaking or listening skills?! Well, let me take you through an assessment to identify exactly what it is you need - and why!
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   1,500P
    Has Trial 15min   0P
  • English Language - Free Conversation

    Speak with a CELTA qualified, native-speaker on just about any subject that you'd like!
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   1,500P
    Has Trial 15min   0P
  • Everyday Vocabulary

    Let's look at specific areas of vocabulary such as health, feelings, food, work and travel and introduce associated grammar so that we can develop your vocabulary to the standard that you want and leave you feeling totally confident!
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   1,500P
    Has Trial 15min   0P

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