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Published 6 Aug, 2019 | View: 124
Lyric Writing / Composition / Theory / Music Production
English text follows the Japanese text.「モードって何ですか?」多分、これが今まで生徒さんから受けた質問の中で最も多く、最も多くの生徒さんが共通して持つ質問だと...
ジャズ(ギター)ファンのみなさん、生徒さん、こんにちは。今日は二人の伝説的ジャズギターリストを紹介します。エミリー・レムラー(Emily Remler)はアメリカのニュージャージー出身。フォーク、ロ...
こんにちは。こちらはジャズの名曲「ヒアズ・ザット・レイニー・デイ」です。いつくかの面白いアプローチを使いながら、アド・リブや主題を弾いてみました。   コード進行 Fm, FmMaj...
(English text follows the Japanese text) こんにちは。昨日、チックコリア・エレクトリックバンドのギターリストのフランク・ギャンバレがインスタで僕のコメントに...
(English text follows the Japanese text.)   みなさん、こんにちは。こちらのビデオではジャズ・スタンダードの名曲「星影のステラ」をソロ・ギター...

Kei_S Tutor Profile

Hi! How are you all doing?

Thank you for visiting my Cafetalk page! My name is Kei (Pronounced as “Kay” if you speak English). Originally from Japan, I have been composing various music and teaching jazz improvisation in the Netherlands.
I studied classic and jazz theory at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I also have a master’s degree in composition from University of Lyon, France. In addition to my classically trained piano skill, I studied jazz and popular piano/keyboard techniques at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, Los Angeles. My recent composition work is for Mille Saisons, the publisher in Paris. I have been playing and coaching jazz and fusion music in Amsterdam area.
My composition and playing style come from a comprehensive understanding of both jazz and classical harmony. Both genres of music can, although not define or justify, explain and interpret each other. Briefly, classic music had established many notable musical forms in western music and with the introduction of jazz, the 12 note system has reached to the point where every note has equal value, which makes, in my opinion, understanding music more logical and friendly.

In my lesson, I always emphasise that jazz is not a complicated music. That it’s rather a logical demonstration of harmony and melody in western music. Once you understand the system, you can expand it to many ideas both in playing and writing.  
In my jazz piano lessons, classically trained piano/keyboard players are learning how jazz harmonies are voiced in relation to classic one, or that of rock, and so on. And how to improvise in jazz terms. In other words, how notes, phrases, rhythms are viewed in jazz compared to how they are treated in classical music, and students will become able to play entry level jazz standard tunes. In more advanced courses, my students learn how to apply jazz theory and convert it into various different playing techniques.

In my jazz guitar lessons, I teach jazz chords and scales that are a bit more challenging than that of rock guitar but full of more possibilities and fun.
In my jazz theory and composition lessons, my students have been able to understand several different techniques and apply them to their own writings. 
In my lessons, although musical terms and techniques are broad and vary, I will point out what skill/knowledge you need to focus on practicing/acquiring in order to achieve your personal goal.
I have been credited by my students’ comments for my lesson being easy to understand. Some of the praises have been that they learned in my lessons what they didn’t find elsewhere. Although you might think that nowadays you can find any info in instruction videos on Youtube, the act of conversation and discussion of the topic 1x1 is still a positive learning experience. 
Besides music, I'm interedted in languages. I speak English and French. Now studying Dutch. I’m fascinated by the grammatical and phonetic features of so-called Indo-European languages. Also, I’m starting to like cooking these years.

Should you have any question, please feel free to ask me. I look forward to meeting you!

One of my jazz workshops in Amsterdam (Photo taken during a break)

Example of charts used in my lessons

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