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**This post is Part 1 of 3, leading up to Valentine's Day** You have probably heard or seen the p...

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Brian B. Tutor Profile

About Me:

Hi! My name is Brian, and my passion is teaching English to speakers of other languages. I have always had a passion for English. Studying, discussing, and writing short stories and poems have been my main hobbies for many years.

As a college student, I developed a passion for education. I learned that I love interacting with diverse groups of learners and that I love helping others learn.

Teaching Experience:

After graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I began tutoring English as a second language. I have served as an ESL teaching assistant for refugees, and I currently serve as a teaching assistant in a course on academic English.

I love helping students achieve their language goals, such as making friends, excelling in college, and advancing in the professional world.

My Interests:

I love traveling. I have visited a majority of the United States by car and by bus, and I really want to explore Asia and Europe! I also love playing the guitar and writing songs, and when I get free time I like recording my music.

All Learners are Welcome!

  • I will customize each lesson to match your skills, interests, and preferences.
  • After each lesson, you will receive detailed written feedback, including a summary of our lesson and suggestions for our future lessons.
  • If you take my lesson "English Casual Conversation Practice" or "English Listening + Pronunciation" you will receive a high-quality audio file, including a summary of our lesson and suggestions for our future lessons.

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