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Dan Tutor Profile

I have taught English conversation for many years. I like to teach with subjects that are interesting to you. I teach popular phrases that are commonly used in everyday conversation.
I have helped many students with business presentations. Schedule a lesson, and send me your presentation material. I will work with you to make sure the English in the presentation is perfect, and that you understand it. I also help students with job interviews.  Send me your resume, (CV), and I will help you make a presentation for your interview.  For the students interested in U.S. news and events, I research topics of your choice, and write English lessons around the topic you choose. The lessons I teach, I want them to be interesting to you, the student.  You can go to my homepage, (http://casualenglishchat.com), and read more about my lessons and the many courses I teach.  You can also see the many pictures I have posted there.

I live about 250 KM north of Los Angeles, in Bakersfield California.  I lived in Tottori-ken, Japan in 1962, and 1963. At that time, I taught English conversation. I met my wife in 1962, and we got married in 1963. We travel to Japan about every two years

I enjoy travel through out Japan, Japanese History, and Japanese food. I have been a stock and options trader for over ten years.
Please take a look at my homepage.

Blog: http://casualenglishchat.com

Featured Interview

Q. Hi, Dan! Please tell us about the city of Bakersfield. A. Bakersfield is a city about 250 KM North of Los Angeles California. This area is very well known for it’s agriculture. Corn for animal food, table grapes which are for eating, and onions are the biggest products that are grown in this area. Bakersfield is also known for its’ oil production. Q. May I ask about your career? A. I worked in...

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