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Published 6 Jul, 2019 | View: 93
Published 8 May, 2018 | View: 193
pouvoirは第三グループの動詞です   pouvoir+不定冠詞   現在形の活用 je peux         ...
Published 9 Apr, 2018 | View: 332
皆さん、Bonjour 今回はフランス語を良く理解するため、2つの疑問詞を見てみましょう QuelとQu’est-ce queの違いを説明しますね 説明 Qu’e...
みなさん、Bonjour ! 今回のセリアン先生のニュースはこちら、「ブルターニュ人が細切れカマンベールを発明!」 カマンベールチーズと言えば、通常はとろけるようにやわらかく、食べる前に綺麗に切...
みなさんはもうこちらのニュースを読まれましたでしょうか 「七番目のドラゴンボールを見つけに行こう!」 このフレーズとともに、オートゥイユのPrince公園に2月25日日曜日の夜、巨大な孫悟空のサ...

General Notices

Hey! I am “Coelien Plain” from Bordeaux. I have lived in Japan since 2011 and have taught French in various institutions since 2009, before teaching online.

I am interested in foreign languages and culturesI can talk French (my mother tongue), but Japanese and English can also be used in my daily life. Also, you can talk about Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean at a greeting level.

I liked foreign languages and linguistics so I started studying it. While teaching French in Japan, I got a master’s degree in online education. I was trained in 2015 with the Neuro-Linguistic Approach (http://francaisintensif.ca/index.php/en/). Thanks to this approach I have acquired plenty of knowledges in neuro-linguistics, pedagogy, language acquisition and I started looking for the best way to teach French.

I am currently teaching at the French Institute and at ECC in Tokyo.

Below is my background.

– Applied at Bordeaux University Bachelor in Applied Foreign Languages (Japanese – English)
– Bachelor in French as a foreign language at Bordeaux University
– Master of Linguistics from the University of Grenoble
– DELF – DALF Examiner (http://www.delfdalf.jp/)

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