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 ロンドンには、プロのダンサーからお婆ちゃんまで、皆が集まるダンススタジオがあります。名の知られているダンススタジオは二つ。Pineapple dance studioとDanceworksというス...

Sachiko Tutor Profile

 Hello! I'm Sachiko! I just returned to Japan after living in England for 10 years and I have been teaching on Cafetalk for 5 years. As for my qualifications, I have a 920 on the TOEIC with a 180 in the TOEIC Speaking Test (out of 200).
  I have been learning English as a foreign language since I was 15 and I can use my experiences learning it in a local language school in the UK, as well as in real life situations to make it easy to learn for beginners.
 Additionally, one merit of Japanese teachers is that we can offer flexible lessons that answer your questions on how to express your Japanese thoughts using English phrases!

 If you feel like English has been difficult for you up until now, or that you've hit a plateau, I will help you realize how much fun speaking English is by creating a relaxed class atmosphere.

 Since I just returned to Japan, I can now offer time slots that weren't available before due to the time difference. I plan to extend the available time slots according to the dates and times with the highest demand.
   The dates and times I have offered up until now will not change much, but I do plan on opening up more slots. If you are thinking about reserving a lesson, please take a look at the available times on my schedule and choose from there.


 <About the Lessons> 

 I offer fun English conversation lessons adopting the repetition method. The repetition method isn't well known in Japan, but it is based off of the Callan Method and used in language schools all over England. It is an extremely effective method for improving listening skills and I was able to rapidly improve my conversation skills when I first came to England thanks to this method. Please read this post for more details (Japanese only).

 I have students of all levels. Some remember what they learned in school but have trouble speaking, some completely forgot everything they learned in school, and some have taken English lessons for years but have trouble advancing their level. 
 I match my lessons to each and every student and spend every lesson focusing on areas that they need to work on (grammar, vocabulary, expressions, etc.).

 However, simply being taught and forced to practice during lessons is boring, isn't it? I thought so too when I used to take English lessons. The shortcut to improvement is by having fun in class and thinking, "I can't wait for my next lesson! I'll work hard." Therefore, I try my best to ask questions that are relevant to your life and create fun lessons filled with English that you can actually enjoy putting to use. 
 My Free Talk classes are flexible lessons for people who want to practice speaking, want to ask more questions about how to express things in English, or have other requests.

 If you are interested, I offer a 25 minute Course Consultation: Trial Lesson, so please feel free to start there.   

 ※If you are uncomfortable using the camera, I can give any lesson with just me on camera, so please don't worry. 

<About Me>
 I started attending an English language school when I was 15 and went on short term study abroad programs (2 weeks in Australia and one month in New York). After that, I would travel to either London or New York every year, and then I decided to move to London to learn Musical Theatre. I received a certificate from Arts Ed London.
 In order to be able to use English like native speakers during performances, I attended an English language school for 3 years, improving my pronunciation through correctional courses and voice training. After experiencing all of the above, I began teaching English in 2009.

TOEIC 920/990 (Perfect Score in Listening)

TOEIC Speaking 180/200         

English Translation: 8/5/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

Featured Interview

Q. こんにちは!沢山聞いてみたいことが有るのですが、まず現在お住まいのロンドンについて。行ったことがない方もいると思うのですが、どういった街ですか? A. まず、ロンドンには本当に色々な国の人が住んでいます。英語ではMulticultural (多文化的) と言うのですが、正にその言葉がぴったりで、バスに乗っていると様々な言語が聞こえてきます。ですので、昔は食事が美味しくないと有名なイギリスでしたが、最近は色々な食文化が入ってきていて、美味しいレストランもすごく増えています。各国の料理を楽しめますし、一つの国に居て、これだけ多くの国の人と出会えるのはロンドンの特徴だと思っています。イギリスと言うと曇り空・・・といったイメージがある方もいると思いますが、正にその通りで、冬になると本当に太陽を見る機会が減ります。今年の一月、二月は、太陽を見られない日が三週間以上続き、久し振りに太陽を見た時...

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