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Kaho.O Tutor Profile

こんにちは! Hello!
Nice to meet you, my name is Kaho and I'm a Japanese tutor.

I am a certified Japanese language tutor.
I've been teaching Japanese many students at a local language school for those who would like to work for Japanse company.

My hobbies are watching sports, cooking and reading books or comics. I especially like watching soccer games. I root for the soccer team I like every week.

I was studying photography and design when I was a student. 

If you have the same hobbies as me, let's talk about them in the lesson!

・Chat with me in Japanese (25mins/50mins)
This is a free-talking lesson. I'll prepare for the topic to talk about in advance. You can tell me anything if you have a particular thing that you would like to talk about for sure. Let's have fun with talking with me in Japanese!

・Talk about the photo (25mins)
In this lesson, you will practice your Japanese by describing the photo in Japanese.
This lesson is recommended for students...
 - who would like to practice composing sentences.
 - who would like to learn vocabularies.

・Practice your Japanese with the news! (25mins)
We'll listen to short news in the lesson. You'll answer the questions regarding the news afterward. And, we'll discuss the news together.
This lesson is recommended for students...
 - who would like to improve the listening skill.
 - who would like to practice Japanese pronunciation.
 - who would like to learn vocabularies.
 - who would like to practice composing sentences.

You can talk a lot in the lesson!
You might feel nervous when you speak Japanese.
"I might make mistakes.." "My Japanese would be strange.."
But no worries!! Making mistakes is actually a good thing. In our lesson, you'll talk a lot in Japanese, make mistakes sometimes and learn the right Japanese or good expression little by little!
Let's have fun learning Japanese together!
Please feel free to book my lessons.
I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

* My lessons are only for students whose mother-languages are not Japanese. Please note that I'll decline the request from Japanese students and thank you for your understanding.

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