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Published 29 Jun, 2019 | View: 108
Here are some photos from my Malaysia tour so far.
Published 10 Jun, 2019 | View: 146
I live in Burleson, Texas population 39,500 now that is small compared to Tokyo. We are about a 30 ...
Published 2 Apr, 2019 | View: 270
I went to Fort Worth, Texas a few weeks ago and I had a wonderful time. Fort Worth is the last plac...
Published 20 Feb, 2019 | View: 346
I love Hawaii here are some photos from a recent trip of mine. I hope you can enjoy them.
Published 22 Jan, 2019 | View: 300
New hobby TikTok. 

General Notices

Hello my name is Aaron. I was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. 

I am currently living in Burleson, Texas a small city near Fort Worth, Texas. I love sports almost all sports the sport I love the most besides marathon running is baseball. 

I am an eight time marathon champion so you can say running is a passion of mine. And I have been fortunate to have raced in many countries around the world. I have travelled all over the world and America and I believe travelling helps increase ones knowledge. 

I am TEFL, TESOL certified and have an Associates in Medical Transcription and Medical Language. I have more than ten years experience teaching ESL. I have taught ESL in Japan, China and America. I hold a Foreign Expert Certificate for teaching in China. 

My teaching style is lively, active and responsive. This is to make the class fun and enjoyable. A good learning experience. I am also a thoughtful and encouraging teacher. My students say I have a great voice good for teaching oral English or being on TV. Look forward to meeting you soon.

You can also find me on... Facebook | Twitte | YouTube 

Me featured in a school poster
With kids in my school
Running marathons

Serving in the U. S. Navy

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