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Erfahrungsberichte und interessante Geschichten - direkt von den Cafetalk-Tutoren für die Schüler.
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Hi there, how is your day so far?

I hope you have a good day and I can help you improving it.

With Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, a laugh and smiles we can release your tention, stress, create a room just for yourself and improve your health, flexibility and clear mind.

(Pranayama: Breath control)

That is what I experience. I feel balanced, pure, relaxed, creative and full of love while I practice yoga. I dived into the depth of yoga during my teaching course in India. Of course, since many years I am fascitnated by yoga, the philosophy, its benefits. This system is made for everyone. I see that almost every day teaching yoga in different studios here in Germany. People of all kinds attent classes and leave the room as they would walk on clouds: light and happy.

But yoga is not all my life. I love it. I love other things, too. I am a creative person and always on a project. Those projects are usually beneficial for others. If I draw, write, paint or support others to do so, I keep it as a social improvement.

I travel. I am a nomad - someone who is home everywhere and constantly in movement. Soon I will be in Japan and hope to learn more about the language, traditions and tao dance.

My background is pretty far from creativity. Sport science is what I studied. It helped me to understand yoga. It helps me to understand people, their pain, their dysbalances and their diet e.g.

I look deep into someones wishes and needs to be in holistic service for a costumer.

Let's make a difference together : )

Be a happy, balanced, healthy person.

(Balance body, mind, soul; Vital Training - genius loci)

Beginners, intermediate, advanced, experimental students are very welcome!

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