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Published 13 May, 2019 | View: 169
Numerous individuals who travel in the midst of a furlough wind up encountering post-vacation blues...
We lost our beloved mom to cancer. I thought I would never be able to get over my grief. My mom wa...
Published 13 Apr, 2019 | View: 221
Compliments can be a great way for small talk. If someone offers you a compliment, that is a wonder...
Published 5 Apr, 2019 | View: 255
Yes, O yeah! Most of us have a strong desire to travel and see the world.  Well, there is no r...
Published 29 Mar, 2019 | View: 203
Amsterdamse Bos Park in Amsterdam Amsterdam Forest, this is the name in English of the big par...
My name is Irene. I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. I am an experienced ESL professional tutor. I have a great passion for teaching and traveling. I have been teaching English as a second language to children, young adults, professionals and retirees since 2007. Most of my students are JAPANESE so I am very much aware of the culture. I am teaching all levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced students.
Apart from English , I also teach tagalog, my native language. Students will learn easy and basic expressions they can use to communicate on a day-to day basis when they plan to visit the Philippines. I can also share knowledge about our culture, food festivals and the true meaning of Filipino hospitality.

I have been teaching English as a second language offline way back 2007 to a group of Koreans in a language school. A friend of mine offered me a job to work in a Korean company which caters teaching online for children and young professionals but in an office-based setting. After three years, another avenue opened for me to stay home and teach online to JAPANESE students. I would say, I am very happy with my chosen career seeing my students become confident learners who are not afraid of a foreign language.

-I create my own customized lesson plans depending on the needs of every student. I also do conversation lessons on business, education & family, lifestyle, human interest and Daily News using power point designed for better understanding.
- I do a lot of conversation exercises by asking them to do picture description to improve their ability to think clearly and rationally and in order for them to express themselves in longer sentences.
- We do news article discussion (topics depending on the student's level) to assess pronunciation, reading comprehension and personal opinion by question and answer. - I write personalized feedback on positive areas for improvement, suggestions and how to improve before the end of class using the Skype chat box.
Generally, my teaching style is casual. I try to make my students feel very comfortable thus make sure it is fun, easy and interactive.

-My goal is to teach my students how to express their thoughts in English and to further develop their confidence in speaking.

My cup of tea:
My idea to explore some countries came into mind when I read something that says " NEVER GET SO BUSY MAKING A LIVING THAT YOU FORGET TO MAKE A LIFE".
Since my childhood, I have always loved travelling. Until now, I get constantly surprised. There is always something exciting about exploring a new city in my country or a new place abroad. It is satisfying being able to learn and speak another dialect or language, to learn to cook and taste different mouthwatering food and to know more about the country's culture and charming atmosphere. It is quite a never ending learning experience for me.

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