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General Notices

I'm Shirley and I'm from Canada.

I enjoy reading, writing, outdoor activities and line dancing!

I taught English as a Second Language in South Korea for over ten years. Many of those years were spent on university campuses and teaching career people. I thoroughly enjoyed helping my students improve their English language skills in order to reach their educational, career and personal goals.

My favorite classes were the ones where students felt free to talk about the subjects that were most relevant to their interests and needs. I was surprised to find that one of the favorite textbooks for learning English was the Bible which is rich with stories and wise sayings.  Since returning to Canada I have tutored new immigrants in preparation for becoming Canadian citizens. I have theological training and have worked for several years in a church, both in Korea and in Canada. 

Master of Divinity
CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)   

TEACHING STYLE: My teaching style is informal and personal. I am flexible and creative and like to adjust my lessons to meet the goals of my students. I use a variety of resources and teaching techniques to keep my students engaged in learning. Most of my lessons will be offered at the intermediate level. Give me feedback on topics you are most interested in and I will try as much as possible to create interesting lessons that help you grow in your language competence and fluency.  

WHY LEARN WITH ME? If you are tired of the typical English language textbooks you should find my courses refreshing! If you feel bored or stuck at your present level of English, I would like to help you move to the next level!

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