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This tutor is currently on leave.
Hello, I'm Yuichi.
When I was a university student, I majored in Japanese Education as a foreign language.
After graduated from university, I taught Japanese at the university in Thailand.
I also have some other experiences of teaching Japanese to foreign language speakers.
My motto is serving interesting and understandable lesson.
My lesson style is mainly conversation.
Through the conversation, I will introduce you new vocabularies and grammar.
Hope I can help you study Japanese.

My hobby is tennis, English conversation, listening to the music and enjoying Thai food.
Thank you.

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  • はじめてのタイ語

    タイへ旅行へ行く人、出張に行く人、 ちょっと話せるようになりたいという人におすすめ!
    Thai   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,500P
    Has Trial 15min   200P
  • Long for speaking Osaka dialect

    ・You will be Osaka people. ・Communicate with Osaka people more smoothly. ・Osaka dialect is really interesting.
    Japanese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,000P
    Has Trial 15min   200P
  • Let's speak in Japanese - Omoroi -

    You can practice speaking Japanese. Any leveled learners are welcomed. You can talk about any topic. Let's enjoy
    Japanese   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,500P
    Has Trial 15min   500P

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