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Hey Cafetalkers! I hope everyone is learning a lot of English this summer! I just wanted to le...
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Hi Cafetalk community. Happy New Year! It's year of the rat, which is very exciting! As you pr...
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Hello everyone! It's English teacher Erin.What I wished I would have done more of last year was tak...
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Hello everyone! English tutor Erin here. I have a book to recommend for reading English to your chi...
Hi! It's tutor Erin!!! お久しぶりです。Recently I couldn't remember the word "foilage" such as "fall f...

Hello everyone. I'm Erin. I am an English teacher that lives in the suburbs of San Francisco. I am originally from Washington state. I think that place has so many beautiful trees.

I am a person that likes nature very much. One of my favorite hobbies is hiking outside with my family.

My major in college was psychology. After graduating from Central Washington University, I taught English in Tokyo for five years at English coversational schools.Then, I got my TEFL-C certificate and taught English to children in Shanghai for two more years.

My style of teaching is friendly. Studying English should be interesting. Let's make studying fun! The lesson will depend on the student.

Lesson content examples:

~Test preparation
~Casual conversation
~Business English

~Homework help
~Games and songs
~Grammar practice
~Self introduction

Fun Fact: I recently worked as a bilingual associate at a Japanese food company! I love cooking!

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Erin Dockal! Let’s start out with a brief self-introduction. A. Hi Cafetalk community! My name is Erin. I’m a 32 year old Californian wife and mother that teaches English to international students part time on Cafetalk. I have been teaching English for 10 years. Since joining Cafetalk 1.5 years ago, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of really interesting people from around the world....

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