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Hanan Tutor Profile

Hello, my name is Hanan and I have been an English teacher for past 10 years in some countries (Yemen, Malaysia, and Japan).

I do teach Arabic language too, and I have been an Arabic teacher for almost 4 years.

I like teaching languages, that because you can share the cultures and experiences and meet people around the world. Learn language means that you want to communicate with other people around the world.

Therefore, if you want to learn English or any language, the first thing you should do is "conversations". so, my question to you!!

Do you like to speak English easily?

Are you tired of translating each word from/to English?

if your answer "Yes”, That is mean I will be there to support you and improve your speaking skills and vocabularies too. Absolutely your listening skill will improve as well during the classes.

I teach in private schools and I got experience to teach all ages from Kindergarten to working professionals and older. I also have an experience with British council in a workshop(E-learning) where it is exchange languages between students through internet.

Each student has their own needs to learn. My style is very flexible for each age and for each level.

At first, I recommend an introduction lesson, so at this lesson I can customize the student needs and figure out which skills that student wants to improve and then set plan for the student.

* Finally, *
  1. You can take the first step and request a trial lesson.
  2. I am patient teacher, you don't worry about making mistakes "without mistakes you never learn".
  3. I will be there for you and listen to your requests.
  4. Let's make learning easy and fun.
  5. Do not hesitate to contact me whatever your level is.

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