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my name is Nadin Mai. I'm a private tutor and freelance researcher from Germany. I left Germany in 2007 in order to study at a British university with the aim to become fluent in English. Scotland became my home for around eight years - I lived in Stirling and Dundee - before I moved first to Lille, then to Rennes in Brittany (France), where I have been living with my husband for just over a year now. 

For almost ten years now, I have been nurturing my passion for photography and film. I'm continuously working on using photography to see the world from a different perspective, often quite literally. The film movement that has become known as Slow Cinema is my main area as an independent researcher, an area to which I dedicate myself with a separate distribution company (tao films) and a blog (The Art(s) of Slow Cinema).

My career as a teacher began in 2012. While I was a PhD student in Scotland, I was teaching several film-related courses and it rekindled my interest in helping people to learn, whether this concerns foreign languages or any other subject I feel comfortable with. When I was little, I had always wanted to become a teacher, but it was only when I was a PhD student that this desire turned into reality.

At the moment, I am giving private classes (offline) in English and German where I live. In one case, I create classes from scratch as part of home-schooling for a young teenager. In other cases, I support students in their learning processes at the university. I create worksheets with exercises in order to help them practice what they have learned. I also create fact sheets in order to help people learn what they might not have understood in their language courses at school or at the university.

What matters to me is the focus on the individual. Learning is an individual process. Some people take more time to learn aspects of a foreign language, others understand the same aspect quickly. I’m here to accompany the individual in his/her learning curve. 

The biggest reward for me is to see that a student is able to progress, or even that s/he develops a passion for the languages I speak. I’m looking forward to meeting you and to take you on a journey through the English and/or the German language. 

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Nadin Mai! To start, can you briefly introduce yourself? A. Yes! Thanks for the opportunity. As you have already mentioned, my name is Nadin. I’m 31 years old, originally from Germany but have lived abroad for a good twelve years now. I work freelance as a teacher, film critic and distributor. I’m currently based in Brittany, in the west of France. Q. Tell us a bit about where you’re from -...

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