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Q: Can you tell us about a tourist spot in the Philippines that you would like to recommend?



こんにちは!Sheka(シェカ)です。フィリピンのマニラ出身です。日本に来て、小学校の英語の先生として6年間務めてきました。私は大学で統計学を専攻しましたが、同時に教職課程も取りました。日本に来る前は統計アナリストとして働いてました。私のレッスンは英語の初心者から中ぐらいのレベルを対象にしています. 日常会話の日本語が話せるので、授業中は必要だったら所々日本語でサポートさせていただきます。従業のモットーは「英悟を楽しく学ぶこと」です。

*Please watch my INTRODUCTION VIDEO.
Hi there! My name is Sheka (Berlin). I am 27 years old. 
I am an elementary school English teacher in Japan. 
I studied Statistics at the University of the Philippines.
I used to work as a statistician/research analyst for two multinational companies. 
I discovered my passion for teaching English when I started working as a part-time online tutor in a Japanese school back in 2009. At a young age, my love for Japan, its culture, and its people grew bigger and bigger as I talked to my students every day. 

Now, I enjoy working and living in Japan.
I still have a lot of things to learn about Japan but I am taking it one step at a time. (^_^)

----------> MY TEACHING STYLE <--------------

As a teacher, I try my best to make the lessons enjoyable for my students. I adjust the way I speak depending on my student's level. English is not my native language but most of my students like my neutral accent and clear pronunciation. 

At school, I teach children with zero English ability when they started but are now able to read, write, and communicate in English. I like teaching beginners because I know I can be part of their progress. I can speak a little bit of Japanese, so don't worry.
We can start with daily conversation practices until you become more confident with your overall English ability. 

For INTERMEDIATE-level students:
Depending on the type of lesson, I usually let my students express themselves as much as they can and try not to interrupt them while speaking, then I take notes of the points that need improvement and explain it to them afterward. 

For ADVANCE-level students:
Students with very high English level are welcome in my lessons, however, I also recommend them to try a native speaker's lesson to make the most out of their learning experience. 

---------->MORE ABOUT ME<--------------
I am a very outgoing person. 
I like going to beaches, island hopping, and snorkeling! 

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