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Hello, Everyone! My name is Yuka.

I was born in Osaka, Japan, and moved to Winnipeg, Canada when was at the age of sixteen. Later, I graduated from local high school and then decided to attend California State University.

English was the worst subject for me until I moved to Canada because I just could not understand the concept at all. I remember I studied English all night long with tears in my eyes just to get "okay" grade on English exams.

While I was in Canada,  I eventually recognized the reason why I did not like English. It's because English was just a school subject for me. But, it actually is a tool to communicate with people from different background. Since I realized the fact, I was very happy to learn how to speak English more and more, and had communication with as many people as I could.

If you know the English, you will be able to learn what people with different background thinks, and how beautiful it is to have different ideas. That is why I decided to become an English teacher, so I can make people realize how fun it is to be able to communicate with others, rather than just a subject. 

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