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Q: 一人旅をしていた時の忘れられない思い出や面白いエピソード等、教えてください。



Nice to meet you! I am Saquita and I have been living in Spain for 13 years and studying Spanish for 22 years. My classes are all about learning how to use "living" Spanish instead of having your head stuck in a textbook. Don't be afraid of making mistakes! Be proactive and speak loudly and clearly! Mimic the accent to the point of exaggeration! I am not naturally good at languages, but I have been confused for a native in Spain before, and there is nothing more flattering than that. During my travel and business courses, I will also include meaningful things that I learned during my time in Central and South America.

Here's a brief bio about me 
Started learning Spanish to prepare for a study abroad trip to Cuba for music.
I have travelled to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, and Chile by myself multiple times.
After that I stayed in Puerto Rico and Venezuela for almost a year.

I have translated Chinese historical novels, Kyogen, and a certain city hall's homepage, and now I teach Japanese to local Spanish people.  

¡Hola! Me llamo Saquita y soy de Tokio.
Diploma de Enseñanza de Idioma Japonés en Español. 
Tras estancias en Latinoamérica(mayormente en Puerto Rico y en Venezuela), trece años residiendo en España permanentemente. Trabajos como traductora. Experiencia en enseñanza.

English Translation: 10/10/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

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A la carta

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Chocolate con churros

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All About España

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Talk about any questions or concerns you have about Spain.

Cuéntame tu viaje

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Eminentemente prácticas y orientadas a poder defenderse en el japonés...

Charla libre -Hablemos en Japonés-

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¡Hablamos libremente!

Reviso su escrito en Japonés (excepto ciencia,tecnología,arquitectura...

Viaje a Japón

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¡Aprendamos frases útiles para viajar por Japón!

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