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I am originally from Nagoya and moved to Chiba to go to a collage in Tokyo.  After graduation, I moved to Santa Monica to go to Santa Monica City Collage.

I used to love rollerblading at Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach all day on weekends...

But then I had to move to Northern California.  I have been in Nor Cal for 15 years.  I currently live near San Francisco with my husband and my baby, Mochi (yorkie poo).

People always ask me how I leanrned English when I was in Japan. 
I loved Madonna and Michael Jackson, then Guns N' Roses, so I wanted to know what their lyrics meant.   I also memorized all the lyrics, which helped me to gain vocabulary. 

For listening practice, I used to listen to American Top 40 on the radio.  A DJ on the show used to read letters from listeners and I recorded the show to listen to them until I could write down every word in those letters.  Ah, I still remember my first Walkman...

Anyway, I proactively searched opportunities to practice English.  Once I moved to Tokyo, I had a lot of chances to talk to Foreigners, which helped me to learn English even faster.

By the time I moved to Santa Monica, I was not afraid to talk to people in English.  Then, my English improved tremendously.

So don't be afraid to talk to me in English!  Don't worry about making mistakes if you want to improve your English. Once you feel comfortable talking in English, you will can worry about grammar later.

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留学などから帰って来てとにかく英語力が下がらないようにしたいという方のためのレッスンです。 仕事の愚痴、週末楽しかった事等、友達と会った...

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