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Hi everyone! My name is Seomi. I lived in Korea for 6 years where did I experience English but also its culture and lifestyle. Learning language is such an everlasting process. The way of expressing oneself varies according to situations, and one needs to study every expression in order to communicate effectively. However, I think it is fun to learn foreign language, and I will make sure to provide you a fun lesson.
My Vietnamese
My father is northern Vietnamese, and my mother is southern Vietnamese. Thanks to my parents, I can speak both northern and southern Vietnamese as well as standard Vietnamese.
My Korean
Ever since I started the college in 2003, I have been studying Korean intensively. I majored in Korean study at the college but I haven't had a chance to learn Korean a lot. I could learn Korean more than I did back in the college when I started the Master's in Korea.
Teaching Experience
I started teaching Korean and Vietnamese as a private tutor starting my second year of college.
- Korean and Vietnamese teacher for 2 years at a language academy in Hochiminh
- 1 year teaching experience to Vietnamese who were planning to go Korea as foreign workers
- Taught Vietnamese to Korean for 2 years at the Hong Bang University in Hochiminh
- Taught Vietnamese in Korean language academy for 1 year
I have been teaching individual lesson as well as online lesson. I also helped students who were planning to study in Korea.
With my 5 years of teaching experience in Vietnamese and 3 years of teaching experience in Korean, I will help Vietnamese students, Koreans who live in Vietnam, any student who want to communicate in either Vietnamese or Korean etc...I will conduct an easy lesson from Vietnamese to Korean.
My schedule can be adjusted on demand, so please don't hesitate to inquire anytime.
Xin chào các bạn, tôi tên là Vy.

Tôi đã sống ở Hàn Quốc 6 năm và có kinh nghiệm giảng dạy tiếng Hàn 3 năm trước khi sang Hàn Quốc, đồng thời có kinh nghiệm dạy tiếng Việt 4 năm rưỡi ở Việt Nam và 1 năm rưỡi ở Hàn Quốc.

Rất vui được làm quen và cùng học tiếng Hàn, cũng như tiếng Việt với các bạn.

Chúng ta cùng cố gắng nào.

[Translated by Cafetalk Staff April, 2019]

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