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Individually tailored lessons to meet your needs. I listen to you the student, I hear what you want and what you like. Then I plan my lessons to fit your needs and requirements in a way that will be the most fun and enjyable for you and that will give you the most benefit for every moment together;-) I will plan lessons for children, or adult. They can be conversational, business, general or topic related.


I am a native speaking English Teacher. I have been teaching English as a Second and Foreign lanugage for over 7 years. I have experience in teaching children, teenagers and adults.


More importantly what are your interests because I will tailor make the lessons to something you like and that interests you. I like swimming, walking, nature trips, different cultures, and I love my job and each and every student;-) 

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45min 6,700P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 4 (1,675 Points per lesson)

Conference practice


50min 6,600P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 4 (1,650 Points per lesson)

Practise for an interview

Technology I

30min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

Learn to use a computer, and some simple programmes, In English.

Learn Hebrew

15min 800P

Skype Lesson

Learn basic Spoken Hebrew

Experience the Middle East

20min 1,600P

Skype Lesson

Travel, see, absorb Middle Eastern Culture

TED talks

20min 900P

Skype Lesson


40min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

Interview techniques for work or moving countries.


40min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

Interview techniques for work or moving countries.

Adults English

50min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

English for Adults. これは必ずしも仕事のために英語を上達させたい大人のためのコースです。 どのレベルで受...

Chat Time

15min 600P

Skype Lesson

General chats about the world, life, gossip, anything goes.一般的な会話。 自...


30min 1,200P

Skype Lesson

Children, School, Pre-School, Teenagers, Education


50min 1,800P

Skype Lesson

Travel, Tourism, General English 休暇に入ると、あなたの英語力を向上させたい...


50min 2,100P

Skype Lesson

IETLS, SATs, University Entrance, Graduate あなたは大学大学/に入るためにアカデ...

Business Advanced

50min 2,100P

Skype Lesson

Business - Adv.Take you learning to the next level. Use specific lang...


50min 2,100P

Skype Lesson

Business - Beginner, Intermediate あなたは、クライアント、交渉を扱う、プレゼンテーション、電...

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