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Let's have a conversation with me in Japanese!
I want to teach you not only Japanese but also Japanese 
traditional culture such as Sumo wrestring or Festivals and so on...

I want to help you learn Japanese and Japan with smile and 
fun time !
Also, I can use English and Korean so you can ask me difficult questions in those languages if you don't know how to say in Japanese.

And after lessons, I will send you feedbacks to review. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you online ! ^^







 In high school , I have studied abroad to Irkutsk, Russia, and Cains Australia during university.

I graduated from a university of Foreign studies in Osaka and earned a teaching degree for teaching in junior high and high school level classes.

After graduating from the universirty, I started working at a high school which is Japan's only high school specializing in preparing students for careers in the aviation industry to teach English to Japanese students and also Japanese to the foreign students such as Brazil, Tonga and Mongolia.
I had 15 classes a week.

Afterwards I changed my job and started working for airlines as a flight controller in flight operation Dept.
I calculated weight and balance for departing flights for JAL, MU,CZ,CA,SQ,UA,VN,TG and CI .....various kinds of 
airlines. And also I learend aviation weather , radio, 
aerodynamics ,airplane structure and so on.....

If you have some interest in airlines or avation , let's talk in Japanese!!

Through my job and self-education, I learned Korean.
A lot of opportunities to talk with pilots from Korean Air and 5  years has passed since I started learning Korean.
So I want you to advise the tips for learning foreign languages by yourselves without studying abroad.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon!!

ー A teacher’s certificate: English teacher for junior high school and high school

ー The Eiken Test Pre-1 grade 

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15min short conversation lesson!

ちょこっと英会話 15分

15min 500P

Skype Lesson

毎日こつこつと短い時間でも英語に触れるのはとっても大切です。 15分間という短い時間で集中して勉強しましょう☆



30min 1,500P

Skype Lesson



30min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

英語の家庭教師を行います☆ 元高校教員、現役英語講師が中学生の英語を指導します☆

Pack of 8 (2,000 Points per lesson)


初級レベルの方におすすめ☆ 海外旅行前にぜひ☆ これで海外旅行も怖くない♪  元航空会社社員、旅のエキスパートによるトラベル英会話レ...


First trial lesson for students who want to study Japanese , English ...

英検 対策講座

50min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

小学生でも準2級合格できます!! 英検対策(5級~2級) 準1級は別コースになりますので要相談☆

韓国語 初級

25min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

ハングルを書けるようになった方の次のステップ! いよいよ会話に入っていきます^^

英会話 50分

50min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

英会話と文法を同時に教えます^^ 文法を理解していきながら、英会話も身につけましょう☆

にほんごではなそう!!Let's practice Japanese!!! A class style depends on you^^

英会話 25分

25min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

英会話と文法を同時に教えます^^ 文法を理解していきながら、英会話も身につけましょう☆ 日本語と英語をミックスしながらレッスンを進...

日本語会話 にほんご50分

50min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

にほんごではなそう!! Let's practice Japanese!!! A class style depends on you^^

日本人講師による日本人のための英語発音矯正 日本語英語を少しでも改善していきたいと思っている方におすすめの発音に特化したレッスンです...


50min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

初めてTOEICを受ける方にTOEICとは?を分かりやすく解説します☆ 経験者には具体的な対策を教えます☆ 最新のTOEIC試験対策、...

中学校文法1から復習!これから英語を勉強していきたい!方向けのレッスンです☆ 日本人講師による初級英会話レッスンなので緊張せず日本語を使...

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