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Since January 2018, my available schedule has been shortened. In an effort to stay available for my students who have been taking my lessons regularly, I am currently unable accept new students.  

Hello!! Nice to meet you! My name is Tomomi Suzuki.
I teach Japanese and abacus lessons here at Cafetalk.

【Introduce myself】
I'm a Japanese native, born and raised in Toyohashi (Aichi prefecture), but have lived in Tokyo since college.
Then I moved to the United States and live in surburb of Chicago, Illinois. 

I studied Portuguese (and German and French) at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and have been to lots of countries.  So far, I've travelled to over 25 countries and experienced many different cultures.
Through my experiences outside of Japan, I found that I became more interested in Japan itself, and wondered how much I truly know about my own culture. Because of this, I started to think that it would be nice to do what I can to help people who want to learn more about my country!!!

Peaple who want to know about Japan ⇒Japanese lesson
Japanese cultural and educational development ⇒Abacus

【About lessons】
1)Japenese lessons
My Japanese lessons are for beginners who want to practice conversations and learn grammer or onomatopoeias. In my experiences studying German, French, and Portuguese I have learned some great techniques on how to study foreign languages. Being aware of different languages always helped me in making foreign friends or learning about different cultures. If you improve your Japanese, not only you can spread your points of view but also you can enjoy speaking with Japanese people and about Japan itself! And don't worry about not understanding lessons fully in Japanese, I can explain in English :-)
I want to help people to study Japanese and want people to learn more about Japan though me.

2)Abacus lesson
What is abacus?
Abacus is considered to be the first calculator in Japan and has played a significant role in the cultural and educational development of the country. We believe it to be representative of many aspects of the Japanese culture.
We have calculators, so why study abacus now?
So you can calculate things rapidly in your head! And also the abacus method of mental calculation is effective in the development of the right brain.
How can we do lessons via skype?
With the use of the camera, I can show you how to use the abacus and I can check your use as well.
My parents run private abacus schools in Japan and I have experience teaching students at these schools as a teacher. Also, I have taught students from as young as 4 years old to adults!

I like my students to enjoy their lessons!

If you are interested in my lessons, please feel free to contact me!!!
Thank you very much!!

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60min 2,300P

Skype Lesson

Let's calculate things rapidly in your head! The abacus method of men...

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20min 6,800P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 8 (850 Points per lesson)


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40min 12,000P

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Pack of 8 (1,500 Points per lesson)


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20min 900P

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Let's calculate things rapidly in your head! The abacus method of men...

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Let's calculate things rapidly in your head! The abacus method of men...

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There are tons of mimetic words in Japanese. They are often used in m...

Let's practice Japanese!!

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