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Q.  プロフィールによると、普通の日本語レッスン以外に「関西弁」レッスンを提供されているようですね。「関西弁」レッスンというと、どんなレッスンなのかを教えて頂けますか?



About me

Hello! I’m Sachi!

I started learning English from a British teacher when I was a junior high school student. When I was in my senior year, I was chosen to be a member of a cultural exchange program from my city to Singapore.
I had a great time communicating and exchanging ideas with students from another culture. But I was not very happy about my English. I couldn’t talk with people as much as I had hoped.
That experience motivated me to study English more. I was eager to go abroad! My parents understand my desire and they let me go to the United States for one year.

After I came back home, I worked at the Kansai International Airport as a phone operator, tour guide, and as a cosmetic beauty consultant in a duty-free shop. I was very happy that I could use English every day.
Thanks to those experiences, I now have a chance to be an English teacher at Cafetalk.

I’m not a shy person, ever since I was a child, even before I went abroad, I would talk to foreign tourists and help those who seemed lost at the station. I have a lot of experience speaking English. From my experiences, I have found many English speaking close friends.
I can help you to get over your shyness!

I treasure meeting new people, "One time, onemeeting, one new friend, that is my motto.

Teaching experience

I have been teaching English at an educational school for more than 4 years. I have both group and private lessons.
My lesson style is focused on communication. Most of my students say, "I have learned grammar at the school, but I can’t speak English."
I say, "Let’s leave grammar on the side for a while and why not try talking?"
If you are thinking, "I’m afraid of speaking English because I have not practiced English for a long time."
That’s not a problem at all! Please don’t worry about your grammar or shyness, you will be great!
I have experienced numerous setbacks in learning English and I have made a lot of mistakes.

I would like to share my English learning experiences with you too.
Unfortunately, I do not offer grammar lessons or provide lessons to help you pass the examinations. Instead I focus on communication and pronunciation to help you improve your English skills. I feel English is like music. I love the rhythm of English. I always talking or singing English when I am alone.

You will able to find yourself speaking English naturally and confidently while you talk with me. Of course, I can also help you with both your Japanese and English skills.
Let’s start with simple English and if you feel at the end of the lesson, "I had fun, I want to talk more and keep learning English" then I would be very happy!
Let’s have fun talking with me!


EIKEN Grade 2
GYROKINESIS certificated instructor (It is an exercise from NY. Unfortunately, I do not provide GYROKINESIS lessons in Cafetalk.) If you are interested in the topic exercise, heath, beauty, I have many things to talk about!


Fashion (I love the show “Project Runway”)
Watching movies (Titanic, Beauty and the Beast, Good Will Hunting)
Listening to music (Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran)


Since I’m from Osaka, I can talk in the Kansai dialect! In Japanese class, I can teach the unique and friendly Osaka dialect.
I speak American English.
No web camera lessons are available.

Please feel free to reserve my lesson. I’m looking forward to seeing you!


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Sachi.Aってどんな講師? まずはお互いの自己紹介をしましょう(^o^)


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Let's have fun talking in Japanese!


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お子様向け英会話のお二人様向けのレッスンです。 対象年齢は小学生です


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