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Hey there!

I'm Kensaku, but please Just call me Ken!!
Honestly, I'm a beginner in English. I'm sorry bother you.

Usually, I work as an English tutor at cram school and some kinds of activities as a volunteer. I hope you have fun to talk with me in Japanese even if you're beginner studying Japanese, so I'll do my best to support you!!! I'd like to be interested Japanese conversation with you. 

[ My lesson styles ]

Let's look for your level with me ● 

     The shortcut to progress is to have clear goals!

Basically, no age limit 

I'll welcome you to my class if you're a kid and you're a beginner in Japanese.
Don't worry about that.
I think it's an important to get the images in our mind to remember an another language.
I'll try to use the various ways for you. I'd like to explain some picutres to you.

Please come to discover Japanese 

What do you think is the best way to learn Japanese?
It's so simple. You can find some words from you usually talk a topic in your daily life.
So, please ask a lot in the lesson.
     You shouldn't leave any questions any time.
I believe you can improve Japanese if you have your motivation to study Japanese.
And then,
     Let's do role playing by Japanese when you remember some vocablaries and phrases.
It's an important for you to improve language abillties.

■ Don't be afraid your mistake in my class! 

It's necessary for you to mistake Japanese when you really want to improve your Japanese abillties.
To mistake a lot helps with your growth in the class.
So don't be afraid your mistakes or misunderstanding!
     I support you in my class!!

[ My experiences as a Tutor ]
1) I graduated the "An introduction to Japanese volunteer lecture" hosted by Fukui
      international exchange association. 
I had studied in the lecture for 50 hours.
2) The results of Skype lesson [ As of October, 2017 ]
 I've taught Japanese for 240 hours until now.
About my students )
People before the studying abroad to Japan as health personnel
The person who aims at getting a high income while working in the Japanese
          company of own country
oreign worker in Japan
3) The results of the class by face to face
I've taught Japanese for 80 hours until now.  [ As of October, 2017 ]
       ( About my students )
Company trainees
Assistant Language Teacher 
4) The results of Language correction site
I've had a lot of number of instruction results.

I've known that many people wanted to study Japanese in these activity, so I came to strongly think that I really wanted to help them!

Alright everyone
If you want to continue learning Japanese and if you want to learn Japanese. 
Now, Let's talk happily with Ken!!
Actually, I'm learning English on Cafetalk, so I can understand your feelings!!

Thank you for reading my message until the end!
“ I hope I'll give new stimulation in your life. “


< I'd like you to follow these rules. >
  1) I recommend to take counseling for you at the first class.
  2) Please, be in attendance upon your child who is a preschooler during the class.
  3) Please use your web camera on Skype lesson .
      = > In case, your pronunciation will be getting better soon.
      Please let me know when you don't have it, or you don't use it
  4) When you request my class, please read class contents and instructions with caution.
  [ AttensionBe careful of the class without feed back, sorry.
About the case where the student does not appear after beginning the lesson
      I will contact you the next 4 times through the Skype.
       (1) 5 minutes before starting lesson
       (2) At the beginning of the lesson
       (3) 10 minutes after starting lesson
       (4) 20 minutes after starting lesson
   ★Be careful of note the following explanation
     If you do not appear even if you contact the above 4 times, your lesson will be canceled completely, sorry.
     In this case, 
  You have to pay a cancellation fee.

Cafetalk's cancellation policy

Before request is confirmed (fixed)
• Cancelation possible at any time without charge.
After request is confirmed (fixed)
More than 24 hours before lesson start time.→ Cancellation is possible at any time.
Less than 24 hours before lesson start time.→ The tutor may take a cancellation fee.
No-Show→ The tutor may take a cancellation fee.
(Please check with the tutor for details.)
New Students Welcome!

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