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Hello, nice to meet you :)

I’m Shie. Please call me ‘しぃ’like your friend.

✿ My lesson ✿

・to make you understood better by others,
・to understand other people and the society around you,
   I’d like to offer you fun, practical, and effective lessons
 with various ideas.

*As for the details, please read the description of each lesson.


I have been learning English for a long time.
So, I understand how much effort you make when you learn the Japanese language.

Many people say that Japanese is very difficult to learn. It might be.
However, I think that Japanese is a nice and very beautiful language which has some kind of playful spirit.:)

I will be happy to spend the
joyful and productive time with you in my lessons.

I use simple English for beginners when it is necessary.

✿ About me ✿

I live in a countryside of Mie Prefecture with my family.
I have a Shiba dog and a cat with a very short tail.
I’m a grandma of two little kids.

In the university, I majored in English and American cultures.
In the fourth year of my university, my study focus of was how to translate a Japanese novel named `kobushi no hana no saku toki’ into English.

✿ Career ✿

I was a high school teacher for about 10 years.
I also worked as a wedding receptionist for 10 years.
Also, I was a home teacher of the elementary to high school students. I taught English to them as a school entrance exam preparation.
* I have also worked as a sales assistant at a convenience store, and as a waitress at a traditional Japanese restaurant.


✿ What I like to Do ✿

Feeling the beauty of nature, Taking care of my roses and animals, Doing yoga and Tai Chi, Taking pictures, Listening to the music, Getting to know some different cultures, Having lunch with my friends, Having some coffee, etc.

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