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Getting Started on Cafetalk


All you need is Skype.
More on Skype here→
A pair of earphones is enough to get your started - you don't even need a headset.


To start using Cafetalk you'll need to register an account. It's free!
No need to worry about setup fees or monthly membership fees. You only pay for the lessons you take.

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Purchasing Points

You can purchase points beforehand and use those points to pay for lessons as they are requested.
Points start at 1,500 (equivalent to 1,620 Japanese Yen or about 18 US Dollars). There's no need to buy more than you expect to use.
We accept payment by major credit cards, Paypal and bank transfer (Japanese and Korean banks only).

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Searching for Lessons

When you're ready you can start by searching for tutors and lessons that might interest you.
You can use filters like language or subject taught, country of origin and native language.

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Reserving a Lesson

Once you find a lesson you like you can request it with the help of a schedule board.
All times are displayed in your timezone so you don't have to worry about conversion.

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Lesson Confirmation and Delivery

If the tutor accepts your lesson request you'll get notified by email.
The lesson is now confirmed and fixed.
Before the lesson you should receive an "add to contact" request from your tutor over Skype. Please accept this to insure a smooth start to your lesson.
Be waiting on Skype about 5 minutes before the lesson. Whe the time comes let the lesson begin!


After taking a lesson, let your tutor know what you think and help other students out by posting useful feedback.
You may also receive feedback and learning advice from the tutor once you're done.

What is Cafetalk?

Cafetalk is a place where you can find online lessons with a slightly different flavor.

  • Learn with tutors from around the world

    Take lessons from your home or office using Skype. Choose from over 5,700 offerings.

  • Easy, transparent payment

    You can pay per lesson using points.
    No membership fees. No hidden charges.

  • Awesome support

    Cafetalk support team can help you out over email or skype. Free counseling for students also available.