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			The next JLPT is December 2! Get a head-start and start your test prep now!


Many Cafetalk tutors specialize on preparing students for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Whether for your studies or your career, the JLPT is the one certificate you need to succeed in the land of the rising sun. What are you waiting for? Mark the date, get out your text book and start preparing with our qualified tutors!

Why prep with a Tutor?


Preparing with a tutor will give you the necessary motivation to prepare and study in between classes. No more slacking of before this JLPT!


Many students never start to study because they do not know where to start. A teacher will give you structure and set reasonable goals to work towards.


With test prep, the key point is understanding what you are studying. When studying alone, you will find questions you cannot answer yourself - having a teacher explain these points can mean the difference between failing or passing your exam!

ワクワク!Social Media Lesson Lottery!

Share a picture of your study place on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #JLPTwithCafetalk and @Cafetalk_En (Twitter) or cafetalk_en (Instagram) for a chance to win a free lesson for your JLPT studies! みんなでがんばりましょう!


  • Must be studying for the JLPT on Cafetalk (last lesson no later than September 2018)
  • Up to 5 winners
  • Ticket worth a lesson of 2,500 Points or cheaper
  • Must have at least 50 followers
  • Entry on both Twitter & Instagram is okay

Find your JLPT Tutor!


  • Japanese: Native
  • English: Just a few words
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