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Hello everyone! My name is Sori.

I studied Chinese at Taiwan University and I have been a Japanese language instructor , manager and language counselor at a major language school in Japan and a long-established language school in Taiwan for 13 years. Currently I am doing independent language advice and translation work of language improvement while doing Japanese / Chinese classroom in Tokyo for people of a wide range of age and young and men, mainly from society people and students.
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Features of my Japanese lesson
➀ Learning efficiency is high because it is a Japanese lesson (also only when necessary) using Chinese according to the Japanese level.

② I am confident that I can talk about it because it is a hands-on lesson that emphasizes talking with many pictures, photographs, news, essays, a lot of textbooks etc.

③ My way of doing and abundant course content, many students passed a famous Japanese university / graduate school, and I have achieved my goals such as finding employment, N1 passing, and Japanese speech contest in Japan.

④ I will advise how to overcome and learn when I have problems with something when I hit the wall based on experience of learning foreign language with many years of language counselor.

⑤I work as a Japanese teacher at the largest Japanese language school in Taiwan.
Every time before class, I did my best to prepare the teaching materials, and made my own handouts and iPad to assist the teaching.
I am very honored and happy to be selected by the students as a favorite teacher who likes to teach and feel good.

⑥ I was born in Tokyo, raised in Tokyo, and currently living in Tokyo, so I can teach clear Japanese pronunciation, grammar, wording and phrasing.

Also, since we can speak Chinese, we can explain the unknown place in Chinese when we need it.

The secret of improving is to speak Japanese anyway.
I will think that it will definitely appear as a result if I make efforts without giving up Let's talk a lot about Japanese while enjoying ♪
I will follow you with full power!

Please listen to anything you do not understand.

【Lesson】 (pronunciation, grammar, conversation etc)
· Everyone's Japanese in Spoken language "Elementary to Intermediate" 100%      Conversation theory
· Let's chat with photos · Pictures Naveviews talk
· Read NEWS and talk to me Tempurian Newspaper Kanji words
· N3 ~ N1 countermeasure
· Free Talk
· Business Japanese
· Grammatical explanation
· Counseling, learning counseling etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for lesson hours if you would like to attend a regular lesson. I'm happy if you can help studying Japanese with all means.

Thank you for your consideration.

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25min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

我上課之前先確認水準,目的等 レッスンの前にレベルチェックをしてカリキュラムをくんでいきましょう。

語学上達の方法をアドバイス致します 关于学日语,中文有甚麼任何問題儘管隨時跟我商量


初心者から中級者までどなたも歓迎です!!話す力が育ちますよ♪ 從初學者到中級都很歡迎!!能夠提高口語能力♪





角色扮演輕鬆練習會話 最快速實用的會話講座!立刻就能說一口漂亮日語!

你在日本可以很安心的吃,喝,玩,樂! 從你一開始上飛機到最後回家,學這講座就對了








50min 3,000P

Skype Lesson




25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson



25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson



25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson



開開心心的說日語吧! いろいろな話題で楽しく日本語を話しましょう!

開開心心的說日語吧! いろいろな話題で楽しく日本語を話しましょう!

Pack of 5 (1,140 Points per lesson)

CP值很高,很划算的優惠卷!換別的講座也可以喔! 提高日語最重要是繼續學習,不怕慢,只怕站!

Pack of 10 (1,100 Points per lesson)

CP值很高,很划算的優惠卷! 換別的講座也可以喔! 提高日語最重要是繼續學習,不怕慢,只怕站!

Pack of 14 (964 Points per lesson)




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