Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

October 26 is “Premium Friday”

We will introduce lots of fun and instructive lessons you can take on Premium Friday!

Why not try out some tutors whose lessons you usually can't book during Premium Friday? Challenge yourself to a new type of lesson and teaching style.

Premium Friday Special Lessons

Intermediate English (55 min)

50 Mins   3,000   Ben_N
If you can understand this explanation, you are ready for this course. You must be able to ask basi...


30 Mins   2,000   t.s.meg


20 Mins   2,000   Danny
Hi!  This is a lesson to talk about basketball in English.  If you love basketball and En...


60 Mins   1,000   Debidou


25 Mins   1,100   Kay.
秋は 천고마비의 계절(天高馬肥の季節)と言われます。천고마비<天高馬肥>は「天高く馬肥ゆる」の意味。つまり韓国でも秋は食欲の季節なんです!   そんな...

【10月限定】Leckerer Herbst

30 Mins   1,200   Yuna.K

English Conversation! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ(50m)

50 Mins   1,900   Alan M.
Let's practice together! Your English ability will improve as we freely converse. We can talk about...


40 Mins   2,000   RIEKO


40 Mins   1,800   Marica

Telephone Greetings & Manners (non pack)

15 Mins   2,500   Mona
A short lesson on conversing in English over the phone. Creating role playing situations, learning ...


40 Mins   1,900   Alisa I.
 このレッスンでは、テキストを使ってスピーキングのトレーニングをします。 英会話のレッスンではなく、スピーキングのトレーニングをするレッスンです☆(英会話のレッスンをご希望の場合は、「日...

Language Learning Tips

45 Mins   2,000   Iris アイリス
Let's looking for the best language learning methods for you.I will introduce you lots of learning ...

About Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

If you get to go home a little bit early on the last Friday of the month, why not connect with the world through Cafetalk lessons?

Try out all those tutors and lessons you wanted to but never could☆We are looking forward to your bookings♪

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