Cafetalk wants to continue supporting your studies as the new Reiwa Era is about to start!

Limited for three days from the first year of Reiwa, May 1-May 3!(Until JST 23:59)

Boost your usual studies using this rare opportunity to buy discounted points, or challenge yourself to a new category with this special offer!

We look forward to continuously providing your favourite lessons on Cafetalk in this new era!

Hapa Eikaiwa, Jun's "What is Reiwa in English?"

Important points

  • ・The maximum discount rate for this campaign is 10%. Please check the specific conditions on the point purchase page.
  • ・Including this campaign, purchased points cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • ・Please note that if there are any delays in payment due to your chosen payment option (including credit card, PayPal and Rakuten Pay), there is a possibility your point purchase will not covered by this campaign.
  • ・Please note that due to the continuation of public holidays in Japan this week, points bought via bank transfer will be added to your account when their payment has been confirmed after May 7, 2019.

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