Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

October 25 is “Premium Friday Happy Hour”

This month's Premium Friday is on October 25! This month Cafetalk offers a special Happy Hour time!

If you take any of the lessons on the campaign page between 3 PM and 9 PM Japan Time on that day you will receive back 30% of the lesson price after the lesson has been completed.
Use this chance to try out tutors you can't usually take lessons with!

Applicable Lessons for Point Rebate

Pratichiamo e Miglioriamo (Let's practice and improve)

40 Mins   1,600   Rho
It is essential for those who are doing self-study or quit studying a while ago. Your efforts ...


60 Mins   2,000   yakinabe


50 Mins   2,700   Natalie.L
The best to learn a language is to practice, so let's just have a conversation together about topic...

旅行用 タイ人と仲良くなれるタイ語 1回完結

45 Mins   1,300   Haruhi

Conversation Practice

60 Mins   2,200   Tessa
A Fun and relaxed conversational style lesson! We can talk about anything from your hobbies and int...


30 Mins   1,100   Ban Ako
どの外国語も同じですが、会話する上で仕様頻度の高い単語だけを押さえておけば、かなり有効です。中国語もそのようなポイントがあります。 ある程度中国語を学習したが、実践できない方におすすめします。&n...

"Go the extra mile" And Learn Idioms & "Take in" Phrasal Verbs

30 Mins   900   Rosanna Walrond
Do you want to improve your English vocabulary?  Let's improve your English vocabulary by lear...

Fun News and Articles

50 Mins   2,900   Creative Chris
Let's look at the news and current events together. We can work on your speaking, reading, and voca...

English through Acting!

60 Mins   2,600   Stephen Paul Frankham
Using a scene from a movie script we will practise english reading and speaking through acting and ...

好印象を与える笑顔を作る★顔ヨガレッスン/Face Yoga

30 Mins   2,000   Takako.O

Cafetalk x Premium Friday Happy Hour

  • ・Lessons taken on October 25 2019 between 3 PM and 9 PM (Japan Time) are applicable for the point rebate.
  • ・You can receive only one pointback per tutor. Please combine your requests with other tutors.
  • ・The pointback will not change the expiry date of your points.
  • ・Die campaign period is during Japan Time (UTC+9). Please take note of this when you live outside of Japan.
  • ・Lessons booked on October 25 before this announcement are excluded from the pointback.
  • ・The pointback will occur within three days of Premium Friday as long as the completed status of the lesson can be confirmed. Students are able to complete requests from their end, so please complete the lesson once it has finished.
  • ・If a coupon is used for the lesson the point rebate will be applied for the reduced price.
  • ・If a lesson cancellation is caused by the student, the resulting cancellation fee is not valid for the pointback campaign.

About Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

If you get to go home a little bit early on the last Friday of the month, why not connect with the world through Cafetalk lessons?

Try out all those tutors and lessons you wanted to but never could☆We are looking forward to your bookings♪

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