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					Announcing Cafetalk's First 
					Announcing Cafetalk's First

Announcing Cafetalk's First "Online Music Competition" Public Jury Vote Sunday, June 21, 2020

Cafetalk is hosting its first ever "Online Music Competition"!

The competition will be available to watch for everyone together with a jury.

We decided to hold this competition not just as an opportunity for the performers to show their skills, but also a music celebration for all of the hardworking music lovers out there. But most importantly, we chose to hold the competition online to allow everyone to participate safely.

How does the online music competition work?

Competition participants will be asked to film their own performance and send the video to Cafetalk.

Participants' videos will be streamed all at once for public judging. A panel of judges made out of Cafetalk tutors will share their impressions in real time via comments. The winners will be announced after the competition.

List of Awards for the Online Music Competition

Gold Medal

1 person / Trophy Presentation

Silver Medal

2 people / Trophy Presentation

Bronze Medal

3 people / Trophy Presentation

Award for Excellence

4 people / Presentation of Souvenirs

Honorable Mentions

10 people

Judges: (random order)

Saoringo講師 - Piano -

She studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and won prizes at international competitions in Italy and Russia. She has won prizes and performed all over the world. She taught at the Taneyev School of Music in Kaluga, Russia, where she also studied intensively.

Tutor Yuri.Tokyo - Violin -

She studied classical music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris and won second prize at the UFAM International Music Competition (France). She is an Award-winning performer and active in a wide range of genres. She now supports artists, does recordingr, concerts and even children's events and performances at kindergartens.

Tutor Soprano Y.O - Vocal -

She graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Music, majoring in opera, and won third prize in the 13th Tokyo College of Music Vocal Music Competition. She has performed Beethoven's Ninth Symphony as a soprano soloist in many places and has been widely active in her field.

Tutor Hitoshi - -

He did the popular "World Rhythm Travelogue" live seminars. In order to master Latin music, he is currently working as a drummer in Mexico. He is a performer who knows all the rhythms of the world and can play a wide variety of instruments.

About the screening criteria

Judging will be based on musicality, performance, enthusiasm, fun and beauty.


June 21 (Sun) 2020 / Livestream Available on PC or smartphone

Live judging and streaming: 12:30~17:30 JST (incl. a break)




About 25 music lovers

How to Watch

Please login to Cafetalk on the day of the event. There will be a notice on the dashboard to guide you through the program.

You will then be able to click on the notice to access the livestream.

You will need to log into your Cafetalk student account to watch the stream.


Please read and acknowledge the following information before watching the video.

  • *Please note that the quality of the video and the volume of the sound may vary due to the individual participant. Please note that you may need to adjust the brightness and volume of your device when watching the videos.
  • *Please check the program for the streaming schedule in advance. The times or order might change on the day.
  • *The live stream will consist of previously recorded videos. Please note that you will not be able to revert or jump forward in the video.
  • *Depending on your viewing environment, the video may stop or be interrupted or the audio may be distorted. If it is, try reconnecting to your Wifi, changing devices, or moving to a location with better signal.
  • *On the day of the event we will monitor the livestream with multiple devices. In the event of poor connection due to weather or natural disasters we will cancel the event.
  • *We do not sell recordings.
  • *You may not film or record the video or audio during the transmission regardless of the purpose.
  • *You are not allowed to film or record the video, audio or video recording during the session. You can write in. You are welcome to write your supportive messages and impressions.
  • *If any slanderous or discriminatory comments are found in the comments section of the livestream, we will delete it immediately and identify the person who wrote it.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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