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Published 1 Jul, 2019 | View: 114
YouTuber、Yunaeさんとのコラボ! https://youtu.be/Bi5D45iWeUw カフェトーク事務局様よりありがたいお話をいただきまして、YouTuberのYunaeさんと...

Hitoshi (Cariño) Tutor Profile

Hello everyone! My name is Hitoshi (^-^)

Currently living in Mexico.

My main profession is a drummer.

In 2018 I moved from Tokyo to know Latin music deeply.

I'm teaching drums in the fourth city of Mexico,

The town where called "Angels city" Puebla"

My career drums instructor have been almost 20 years.
I think that there is something that can communicate the pleasure of teaching things to people, ingenuity and teaching methods.

(※ Salvador in Brazil)

The concept of my lesson is

"It will not be stiff and will allow travel and daily conversation from more useful words" 

I think that it does not suit the needs of the student who is going to acquire the certification.
I think that there are already many wonderful teachers who have language instructional qualifications for the purpose of the examination.

So I will reverse it

"Words that can be useful in everyday, life, words that communicate"

I hope to share the pleasure of learning languages with students on the main axis (^ - ^)

(※ In Ghana,Africa.)

When I went to study in various countries through music, I came across a lot of scenes talking about other countries' words.
What I felt among them is not necessarily proper grammar and procedure, but "absolutely necessary vocabulary".
For example, "GO, EAT, DRINK, Tired" and so on, there is an absolutely necessary word, even if you do not understand grammar.

Even here in Mexico, Japanese culture is penetrating through animation.
As I mentioned a few people who attended the Japanese language school among them, I am still focusing on "business Japanese aimed at employment", and from the native me it is somewhat strange as well. And yet, the person himself also felt that he could not deny the feeling of being a little tense and talking.

In Japanese and Spanish lessons I'd like to teach, it is not necessarily "aimed at receiving a certificate, business conversation", but if possible, it is as simple as it is possible to remove particles, etc. as much as possible, it's even easier!

I can communicate! I would like to offer something like that. And what I felt when I was learning Spanish

"Brightness of the bottom of Latin! Happy if you can talk with others more easily!"

I also want to share the enjoyment of learning as (^-^)

When I was taking classes I felt that the reason why I keep on lessons is

"I am relaxing everyday by talking to the teacher rather than improving the language learning itself."

I realized it was. As a result it is a translation that will make you immigrate (hahaha)

(※ in Kenya, Africa.)

And my parte of strength is music ♪

Music is a common fun in the world. Unfortunately we do not have a drum lesson category at present, but I also think that it is interesting if I can talk about music deeply and drum talking etc.

And I feel that

"Teaching something to someone is "My profession of my life."

I liked looking after my juniors since I was a student. I went to the musician's path but I was almost representative in the band, and I have compiled the whole story.
In his own music classroom I have always explored and created original teaching materials and original teaching methods.
I got longer, but my "thought" is over. Let's share happy time together ♪

I hope to meet you soon(^-^)

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