For those who want to become near-native Japanese speakers!<br>The secret to native-like pronunciation! For those who want to become near-native Japanese speakers!<br>The secret to native-like pronunciation!

The secret on improving at "listening" and "speaking" Japanese

For those who want to become near-native Japanese speakers!
The secret to native-like pronunciation!

Japanese Pronunciation Improvement Seminar for Speaking Natural Japanese Part 6

About the Seminar

Date MON June 27th, 2022 20:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
Time About 30 Min
Price: 500 points
Recording: Live viewing AND viewing of the recording are both possible
Seminar conducted in: Japanese


Hi, I'm Yukina Kita, your tutor! I'm a singer-songwriter who performs live, gives singing and speaking lessons, does video streaming, and I generally "work with my voice".

I sing a lot in English, and I thought I was confident in my English pronunciation, but my own English teacher said: "Your pronunciation is a little off." Then I decided to ask my English teacher to teach me on how to pronounce English correctly. In the process, I discovered the difference in the sound of the voice and the use of the tongue between Japanese speakers and those of other languages.

People who speak languages other than Japanese, such as English and Chinese, have different places to make their voices sound and use their tongues differently. By understanding them in detail, you can easily improve your Japanese pronunciation!

Please come to the seminar and learn how Japanese pronunciation works!


<Seminar content>

  • The benefits of learning Japanese pronunciation
  • Specific parts to improve so you sound more like a native Japanese speaker
  • Q&A corner to address your concerns

▼Do you ever struggle with problems like knowing Japanese grammar but struggling to speak like a native speaker?

Pronunciation is a crucial part of every language.
In this seminar, we will thoroughly dissect why your pronunciation doesn't sound native-like!
A must-see if you want to speak Japanese more like a native speaker and be able to express yourself freely!

▼Why is it difficult to comprehend spoken Japanese?

I can communicate somewhat in Japanese, but I just can't understand what people are saying.
So I replay the audio or ask people to repeat themselves but it doesn't work.
In fact, such people are not pronouncing the words correctly.
Speaking a second language is a huge challenge in many ways, especially pronunciation and intonation.
One of the quickest ways to improve your listening comprehension is to "pronounce it correctly yourself".
By learning the correct pronunciation, your listening comprehension will be greatly improved!

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