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				Want your child to get ahead? Cafetalk's Online Children's English Lessons

One on one English lessons for your child in the comfort of your own home.

On Cafetalk, they can take highly effective lessons

from natives and teachers with a wealth of experience.

What are the pros of enrolling them in English lessons at an early age?

The number of children taking English lessons are increasing recently. Some start as early as 3 years old! When it comes to learning languages, the earlier you start the faster you progress, and the likelihood of establishing a solid knowledge of the language is much higher. If children have fun experiences learning English now, they will not develop a sense of dread towards the language later on, and it will have a positive effect on their future English education.

Take this chance to experience Cafetalk's fun children's English lessons! Start with a trial lesson! It's free to sign up! See for yourself how fun Cafetalk's exclusive children's English lessons are.

Why Cafetalk?

1 You can take full advantage of your time by taking one on one lessons at home using the free software, Skype.
You will feel at ease being near your child's side and getting a good grasp of how the lessons are going.
2 No enrollment fees, no registration fees, no monthly fees!
Simply purchase points and pay as you go when you find a lesson you like.
3 The freedom to create your own schedule!
You can request lessons for whatever time is convenient for you! Since you can choose from lessons offered by teachers all over the world, there is no doubt that you will find something that fits your schedule perfectly!

Cafetalk's Popular Teachers Recommended lessons

For toddlers to elementary schoolers

For toddlers to high schoolers

Learn biology and general science in English!

My child is kind of amazing!

If you think standard English lessons aren't quite enough, how about biology or science? You'd be surprised at how much your child's curiosity will help them concentrate and enjoy studying. They will improve their English skills, expand their vocabulary, and gain an inexhaustable interest in these new worlds.

Mark Roy

For middle school and high school students

Outstanding career as a children's teacher. Popular for his enthusiastic lessons!

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Still worried?

Cafetalk has the solutions!

Q. I'm worried about whether or not my young child will be able to use Skype.
Don't worry! Cafetalk offers Skype testing and can check whether you know how to use the program through our free counseling sessions, available at any time. We provide full support whether you are taking trial lessons with your child or just starting to take lessons. We also offer support via telephone.
Please sign up for a free counseling session here. We are also available at 050-3647-0019
Many parents have happily mentioned that their children have gotten used to computers due to having used them from a young age.
Q. I heard that children's English lessons, especially one on one lessons, are incredibly expensive! I'm not sure if we can attend classes on a continuous basis.
At Cafetalk, we have 30 minute lessons that start from $10. Many teachers offer trial lessons for a reduced fee, or even free of charge. You can experience what kind of lesson will be offered and get a feel for the quality of the lessons before committing.
Q. The teachers are not Japanese and I myself do not speak English, so I feel uncomfortable.
Cafetalk hires diverse teachers with various career backgrounds without emphasis on region or nationality. While there are teachers who do not speak Japanese, there are also teachers from Japan who teach foreign languages, as well as non-Japanese teachers who have worked in Japan for a long time and are fluent in Japanese. If you are uncomfortable with English, you can also ask the support staff to act as an agent helping you reserve lessons.
Q. I'm not sure if my child can concentrate for 30 minutes straight
Any child may feel nervous or anxious during a first lesson. However, our teachers are experienced professionals who have been working with children for a long time and offer lessons that will be fun for your children. As your child gets used to the lesson, he will get wrapped up in the fun of it and forget about the time. We also offer lessons that you can take alongside with your child.
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