Introducing Cafetalk'sNEW KOREAN TUTORS

Check out Cafetalk's new Korean tutors this month!

Cafetalk released new Korean tutors this month.
These tutors have different backgrounds and teaching experiences.
Check out our new Korean tutors and lessons today!

Hello! My name is Hyesoo.
I was born and raised in Seoul and am fluent in standard Korean. This provides students with accurate, standardized language acquisition. Currently studying in Germany, I have met a variety of international students, and experiencing the diversity of the language environment has helped me understand how to overcome learning difficulties and fears. I know better than anyone the difficulties of learning a new language, and based on this understanding, my goal is to help students use Korean with confidence and increase their interest in and understanding of Korean culture.
My name is Gohee, and I currently live in Japan. I started studying Japanese last year, when I knew I was going to be living in Japan. It is really difficult to learn a new language as an over-30 year old adult, isn’t it? So rather than perfectly memorizing Japanese words and grammar, I focused on listening and speaking so that I would be able to live in Japan. Based on my experience, I would like to offer lessons that provide opportunities for those who are studying Korean in Japan to use more Korean, especially for conversation.
I am a Korean teacher born and raised in Korea.
I majored in economics and am interested in society and culture. I was a stock broker and have experience running an academy. I like watching Korean dramas and movies, I like reading books and listening to music.

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