Introducing Cafetalk'sNEW KOREAN TUTORS

Check out Cafetalk's new Korean tutors this month!

Cafetalk released new Korean tutors this month.
These tutors have different backgrounds and teaching experiences.
Check out our new Korean tutors and lessons today!

I am teacher Hee, and I teach Korean. I have a Master’s Degree in Korean Language Education as well as a Korean Language Teaching Certificate. My thesis topic for my Master’s degree was “Noun Errors among Japanese Learners.” I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in linguistics to study the differences between Korean and Japanese in detail! I am a sociable teacher who can be like a friend! I believe that being kind, polite and gentle when teaching is very important. I would like to be a kind teacher with a teaching motto to always be gentle and courteous.
I always think about what is the most effective and useful way to study from the students’ point of view and prepare my lessons accordingly.
☞ Those who want to speak Korean more naturally with their friends
☞ Those who want to learn more natural Korean
☞ Those who want feedback on their Korean expressions
☞ Those who want to maintain their conversational Korean skills
☞ Those who would like to have lessons using only Korean
Join me for a Korean language lesson in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!
I will work with you to create a lesson plan based on your learning style and progress.
Hello, I am a nurse, writer, and a Korean language teacher. I graduated from a well-known university in South Korea; Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, with a degree in English. I was born and raised in Seoul, so I can teach in standard Korean. I can also teach Korea in English. I can help those interested in nursing and health care fields. I am a published author of three books, including “Fake,” so I am an expert in teaching correct spelling, dictation, and other writing skills.

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