Introducing Cafetalk'sNEW KOREAN TUTORS

Check out Cafetalk's new Korean tutors this month!

Cafetalk released new Korean tutors this month.
These tutors have different backgrounds and teaching experiences.
Check out our new Korean tutors and lessons today!

Hello! My name is Hyunjin. Nice to meet you.
I was born and raised in Seoul, and still live in Seoul.
This means I speak standard Korean. I have recently obtained (Korean Instructor Certificate).
I like to travel in Korea and overseas with my family, so I've been to most of Korea and Japan, Australia, UK, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Guam and Saipan. It's a big pleasure to learn other languages and cultures. Of course, eating delicious local food is the one of the best things.
I also like to listen to K-pop music and watch K-dramas and entertainment shows with my daughters. Thanks to them, I get to know much about latest K-pops.
Hi, This is Young from Korea and living in New Zealand. I've been travelling around the world as an electrical engineer and found this beautiful place to settle down. I'm easy to talk to about any subject, from small talk to business talk. I have two engineering degrees and one business degree. You are welcome to speak in English or Korean or both to practice which is the best way of learning. I'm not good at Japanese but if you want, I can explain Korean in English. Let's chat!
I hope to have a casual and friendly exchange with those who are interested in the Korean language, culture, and cuisine.
I aim to provide lessons from beginner level to casual chat (free talk), and to answer all your questions about South Korea, so that you can learn the Korean language in a more natural way.
Please feel free to join me, and I hope that we can learn something positive from each other.
I will use Korean as much as possible during your lessons, but I can offer explanations in Japanese as well, so please don't hesitate to join me for a lesson.

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