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Check out online preparation lessons for Iken - the most popular test of Italian language proficiency in Japan!

What is Iken?

Iken (Prova Di Abilità Linguistica) is a test of Italian language proficiency for Japanese natives adminstered by the NPO Associazione Linguistica Italiana and is widely recognized in Japan.

Iken has been in use since 1995 and is currently offered twice a year in 13 locations around Japan as well as in Rome and Milan. The level 2 certificate is said to be sufficient enough for basic reporting and interpretation, and anything above is usually recognized for hiring and business.

The test is composed of a listening and writing section with the addition of composition and oral interviews for advanced levels.

Why prep for Iken on Cafetalk?

  • Cafetalk's lessons are offered on online via Skype. Thus, our tutors who live all over the world support you at all hours.Even if you have no time to go to English school, you can start the preparation by choosing Cafetalk!
  • In addition to the listening and writing sections, our tutors can help you with areas that are difficult to improve on your own such as the oral section.
  • You need to have some experiences before you take. You can experience "real" speaking module with our tutors.

Recommended Lessons

Iken Prep lessons on Cafetalk

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