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December 19 is...

Cafetalk day

We’ll give back half the points of any lesson taken on December 19.

Please note the following rules and conditions for Cafetalk day and the pointback provided during this event.

  • ※You can receive only one pointback per tutor. Please combine your requests with other tutors.
  • ※Pack lessons (buying several lessons in one bundle) and group lessons are excluded from the pointback.
  • ※All none-Skype lessons (e.g. proofreading or translation lessons) as well as all none one-on-one lessons are excluded from the pointback.
  • ※The pointback will not change the expiry date of your points.
  • ※Please note that there are no more than three pointbacks per user per Cafetalk Day.
  • ※The total pointback limit is 4,000 points for up to three lessons.
  • ※Lessons booked via lesson tickets are excluded from the pointback.
  • ※The campaign period is during Japan Time (UTC+9). Please take note of this when you live outside of Japan.
  • ※Lessons booked on December 19 before this announcement are included from the pointback.
  • ※The pointback will occur within three days of Cafetalk Day as long as the completed status of the lesson can be confirmed. Students are able to complete requests from their end, so please complete the lesson once it has finished.
  • ※If a discount coupon has been used for a lesson, half of the discounted lesson price will be returned to you.
  • ※If a lesson cancellation is caused by the student, the resulting cancellation fee is not valid for the pointback campaign.
If you have any questions about this campaign, please feel free to contact us.

Cafetalk Guide

Free Counseling

Free online counseling is available to answer questions about navigation and features on


Please contact us on Skype if there is any concerns or questions.
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Customer Support

+81 50-5539-3419
10:00〜24:00 (GTM+09:00) Tokyo

Things you 'll need

Internet access*

A headset**

A webcam (recommended)

*Must be Skype-compatible.

**Headsets are not necessary if computer has built-in speakers and microphone. Headsets can be purchased under 1000 yen.

About Skype.

Skype is a free service that allows you to make phone calls and video calls over the internet with other Skype users without charge. You download a program, you install it, and you are up and running to start a face to face lesson with tutors from around the world!

How does Cafetalk operate?

We guide you how to start, search lessons and take lessons with movie. It is good for beginners! You can learn from guide video!

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