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2020 Awesome Lesson Awards (Autumn/Winter)

July - December 2020 Cafetalk Special Event

Thank you for learning with us and our amazing Tutors this Autumn/Winter 2020!

Thank you for learning with us and our amazing Tutors this Autumn/Winter 2020!

For many, 2020 has been a rough time with many uncertainties. Therefore, it may be a little harder to get into a festive mood for the holiday season this year. But because of this, we think it is all the more vital to celebrate small successes and express our gratitude to our students and tutors. And hopefully, Cafetalk has been a source of joy and learning for those students who kept on learning with us while protecting others by staying at home.

So, as every year, as 2020 is about to end we are opening up the polls one more time to let you, the students, choose the most popular lessons & tutors of the second half of 2020☆★

Vote for a favorite lesson that you’ve been taking on a regular basis, or let the world know about a new rising star you’ve discovered.
Make sure to support the tutors you think deserve some recognition for all their hard work!

Voting is Closed

♬Point Present Lottery


Out of all eager voters we will randomly draw

!!50!! winners who will each receive a 2020 point present to use for any lesson of their choice!

Vote as much as you can to secure your point present!

*Each vote you cast equals one entry into the draw. The more often you vote, the higher your chance to win that 2020 point present!

*The winners will each receive an extra 2020 points on top of their existing points. The presented points will have a validity of 1 month.

Voter comments will be selected at random and featured on the awards page as well as displayed on the tutor's profile.
Please let us and the world know what you think about your favorite lessons and tutors!

*Leaving a comment when casting your vote is optional but highly encouraged.

Awards will be given across all categories available on Cafetalk. You can vote for lessons of any category!
Please note that the award system has changed a little bit this year. Just like for the Spring/Summer awards, you can nominate language tutors for one of the following categories:

  • ① Most Fun
  • ② Great with Kids
  • ③ Great material / Lesson plans
  • ④ Great conversationalist

On top of these categories, the Grand Prize will be given to tutors with the most votes and best comments, and the Newcomer Award will be given to several new language tutors.

For all other categories, several tutors will receive awards among the following categories:

  • ① Music
  • ② Health/Fitness/Dance
  • ③ Academic Tutors
  • ④ Hobby
  • ⑤ Other

Voting Period: Dec 3, 2020(Thu)~ Dec 14(Mon)

Students' Voice

  • [Photo] FunFun Korean photo description class

    EMMA PARK先生は、日本語が話せないのですが、ついつい日本語を話してしまうことを防げてわからないことは、簡単な言葉に変えて話したりして脳をフル回転することが出来ます。 レッスン終わった後のフィードバックが、動画と音声フォイル。レッスン内容は、レポートみたいにびっしり。頂いた時、とてもビックリしとても感動致しました。 語彙力も増え、復習にもとても役立ち感謝しております。

    ***jam | Dec 14, 2020
  • 韓国語文法レッスン


    ***ii | Dec 14, 2020
  • Free conversation - 60 minutes

    When I chat with Hinako-sensei I have a lot of fun, so it is very easy to learn things without even realizing! She puts thought in advance for the lessons so that they can be even more enjoyable and enriching. I particularly enjoyed chatting with her about my photographs and memories. いつもありがとうございます!

    ***ie Rose | Dec 14, 2020
  • Knowledge builder - 30 minutes


    ***i | Dec 14, 2020
  • Let's Read Some Literature! <Single Class>


    Marina P
    ***i | Dec 14, 2020
  • 一日一言韓国語(20分x4回)

    15分×15回レッスンが、終了になり、継続して20分のレッスンを受けてます。 ジナ先生は、優しくて穏やかで分かりやすい説明もして下さる人気の先生です。 20分レッスンになる時にレッスン内容の提案で、教材も新しくなり常に生徒のことを考えて下さっています。 文法の教材で学んでいますが、時には、フリートークで話したりも。数日に1回ずつのレッスンで韓国語が日々の生活に無理なく習慣的に学べます。

    Jina in Paris
    ***jam | Dec 14, 2020
  • なんでも30分レッスン(4 lessons)(30分)


    min KIM
    ***onoue | Dec 14, 2020
  • Writing Correction

    He's never failed to impress me with his depth of wisdom and creativity. He made seemingly an impossible goal possible by helping me realise that I can do better. For that, I'm forever grateful.

    ***ckbird | Dec 14, 2020
  • PROOFREADING / EDITING up to 1,000 words (offline)


    Mark Roy
    ***ckbird | Dec 14, 2020

Award Details

Cast your vote for a lesson you took during the second half of 2020 which you think is worthy of any or one specific award. You can also vote for lesson packs!

Winner Announcement

December 17, 2020 (planned)

Selection Method

The winner will be selected based on a scoring method that takes into account the number of student votes, lessons completed, and feedback received within the past 6 months. You can also nominate language tutors for an award category if you like!

Voting is Closed

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