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Cafetalk Lesson Collaboration Support


What's the Lesson Collaboration Support?

If you'd like to dip into our diverse pool of tutors for your corporate event, campaign or seminar, we will help you find the right tutor(s) for your idea and help you get your event off the ground.

The lesson collaboration support is open to companies, organisations or individuals.

Do you have an idea in mind? Let's talk about it and work out a customized plan together.

Lesson Collaboration Support Examples

I'd like to use Cafetalk for a campaign

  • I'd like to offer lessons as a gift/perk in a campaign or an event.
    Example: Send Airmail!!
  • I'd like feature Cafetalk (tutors) in a program, magazine etc.
  • I'd like to share an invite link to Cafetalk via social media.

Ring In The New Year! Campaign☆2016

  • I'd like to use Cafetalk for an education project.
  • I'd like to utilize Cafetalk for corporate education.
    Example: For Corporate Customers
  • I'd to use Cafetalk tutors (native speakers) as part of my language school / language study program.

I'd like to feature specific lessons/tutors in my project

  • I'd like to offer selected Cafetalk lesson in my organization Example: Ichikara Cafetalk
    * Third party website opens in separate browser tab
  • I'd like to offer selected tutor's lessons as videos or seminars in my organization
    Example: Yoga and Art Lesson for Mothers

I'd like to organize an event together with Cafetalk

Contact us about your idea

Examples of Past Collaboration Events (Excerpt)

Ichikara Cafetalk

The single person karaoke room chain Ichikara is offering language and music lessons (voice training etc.) in collaboration with Cafetalk. Customers are able to book private karaoke rooms for their Cafetalk lessons.

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Hapa Eikaiwa Collaboration Lessons

Cafetalk and Hapa Eikaiwa join forces to offer exclusive lessons based on Hapa Eikaiwa blog articles and podcast. Hapa Eikaiwa offers an English education Youtube channel (50,000 subscribers), a blog (1,3 million page views monthly), a podcast (50,000 listeners) and a newsletter (20,000 subscribers)

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Yoga and Art Lesson for Mothers

In a collaboration event with the English after school education program "The Little Makers" Cafetalk provided customized yoga and art lessons for the mothers.

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Korean Reading Event

Since reading practise is a study method proven to be successful for sharpening language skills, Cafetalk has organized reading events at a cafe in Shin-Okubo, a part of Tokyo that is famous for it's vibrant Korean community.

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Online Go Study Group

Assembling four of Cafetalk's most popular Go tutors, an intensive study group for those who really want to become good at the board game Go was created. Through regular events students and tutors are able to share their passion for the game.

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Special Summer Event
Cafetalk Live Trial

In collaboration with Social Apartment Neighbors Miyamaedaira, Cafetalk organized a special summer event of lessons. Residents could choose between English conversation, yoga, meditation and other lessons for small groups.

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We look forward to hearing from you about your ideas or questions.

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