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It's nearly Christmas!

Oct 30, 2018

Christmas is the single most important holiday in the UK and a significant event in much of the English-speaking world. 
Each season has it's own rhythm and in our English brains the countdown to Christmas has begun!
* We have already changed the clocks to end "summer time"
* This week we will enjoy Halloween.
* In November our friends in the USA will celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy Black Friday.
* The Christmas lights in London will be switched on between 6th and 15th of November
* Schools will start their holidays on December 21st and then it will be Christmas!

You can  look on the internet and find out how soon Christmas will be here. Google "how many shopping days to Christmas?"

Flights from Spain to the UK become more expensive in mid-December so this year I will be taking a longer than usual holiday, visting my parents in England and my sister in her new house in Spain. 

My final Cafetalk classes for this year will be on Friday December 14th and my first classes of 2019 will be on Tuesday January 8th. If you are booking lesson packages please take these dates in account.

Thanks Jenni

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