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February-Only Lesson

Feb 2, 2019

Hello All.
January has passed and it's February already. How have you been? 
Valentine's Day is around the corner, so I have created a special lesson only for February.
Japanese learners, if:

  • パートナー、友達、家族へ愛を伝える時に日本語ではどのように言うか興味がある
    you are interested in learning how to tell love in Japanese to your partner, friends and family
  • 日本とあなたの国のバレンタインはどう違うかディスカッションしたい
    you want to discuss the differences of the Valentine's Day celebration in Japan and in your country
  • 日本のバレンタインについて興味がある
    you are just curious about Valentine's Day in Japan
and so on! If you are interested, please check out the lesson below! 

Lesson: 【2月限定】日本語で愛を伝える!Tell Love in Japanese!
Price: 1000 Points
Length: 30
Trial Minutes: 0
URL: http://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=188348
I hope this month will be a good one! 

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